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Re: ready to publish, link doesn't work!!

You can public channel when you create the channel, but you have to wait for Roku to approve the channel. In my experience, the approval process is more concerned with graphics then function. I have alot of users on my private channel here on roku, and it's been running for I'd say at least a couple to three years maybe. But getting answers to how to fix or what needs to be fixed to get approved proved hopeless. so the public channel has sat for a long time as "in review" and never got published. meanwhile the private channel is doing great as always and not one end user complains about the appearance of it. Matter of fact, I've recieved comments about the direct publisher public channels looking "plain jane", "archaic"and "boring" in comparison to the private channel and public that is not approved.. My private channel and still waiting to be approved public channel are identical, use the same graphics and same xml files...

I have to say though going public is worth it, the DP channels have gotten more subscribers in 2 weeks then the private channel has in two years (or so)..
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: ready to publish, link doesn't work!!

Hi Mitchstein,

I take it your public channel is still pending review, correct? And I also take it that this is an SDK channel, as opposed to Direct Publisher? Feel free to shoot me the channel name and channel ID. You can send it to me in a private message if you'd prefer.

I can take a look at the certification history of the channel and help you get it published. Since the publication of our latest certification checklist in late-January, we've been more focused on an app's business requirements as opposed to design requirements. I can also help get you clearer messaging of the issues causing rejection, if that is the problem.
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