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Roku Guru

one bug that is fixed with the 9.4 update but not documented.

One "bug" that happily has been addressed y the 9.4 update is excellant.

Since version 9 if you have a 24/7 live stream roku players would ask the end user to press a key (or something similar) every so many hours of streaming.

This was a bad feature for a minority of end users who just use the tv as background like me.
I'd get concentrated on coding or maybe playing a game and all of a sudden my tv would go back to the roku menu..

Now this can be turned off and your stream will play 24/7 uninterrupted BUT the end user has to change a new setting

goto settings - network - Bandwidth saver - and select OFF

And everytime roku updates they system software it appears you have to do it again.

I got 25 complaints this afternoon about  having to do it again from viewers. each one of them said, yes, there was an update today.
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