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It doesn’t matter if you have an old one or go buy a new one today like I did the remotes still have a big fat delay on everything even on the homepage volume and the power button have a delay. This has been a problem for many years and even today it’s a big problem and you can find plenty of complaints about it on the Internet and on Rokus  community pages. Yet it has never been fixed this has been a big fat problem since 2018 if not longer but that is how long I’ve had your products and I’m getting annoyed .... Roku if they’re not gonna help us at all just tell us that.. I can’t wait for this company goes to court 

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Level 13

Re: Remote

Hi @Froggersman  , i do feel your frustration but ......  posting your issues on the part of the forum dedicated to developers .....  i don't think is a good idea , maybe if you would try let's say in Remotes & Accessories

you might find the help you need.

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Re: Remote

but he is right.. hard to play games too.. lol
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