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Where is this tool?

Should I be looking for this tool?  It has in all of the documentation that there is no need for coding, the "tool" is feed based... Where is it?  The most I can find is information of json feed format, but that is heavy in coding. 
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Re: Where is this tool?

Roku's "Getting Started" guide for Direct Publisher is here:

There is no coding required to create a Direct Publisher channel. Writing a JSON feed isn't really considered "coding"; JSON is considered to be data, not code. It's nothing more than a single text file in a particular structured format used to describe the channel content.

If that's too much for you to handle then you might want to consider Instant TV Channel for Roku:
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Re: Where is this tool?

lol, it's a bit tricky to find.  After you log in click where is says "Welcome" in the top right. A dropdown appears, click on Developer Site. After that then click Manage My Channels in the top right. Then you can click Add A Channel.

I think the tutorials skip a few steps with that.
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Re: Where is this tool?

to me a json file looks alot like a script file that you would CODE.. In addition any set of instructions (which would include xml, java, json, even a comma delimited data txt file) would by definition be coded...
definition of coding pertaining to computers "a set of symbols that can be interpreted by a computer or piece of software" that would include data files..
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