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WP Smart TV Help

Hey everyone!  I'm trying to create a Roku Channel for the first time via the WP Smart TV plugin.  I've read all the documentation and follow tutorials but still getting an error when trying to input our JSON feed. - There was a transport-level error - (Unknown ERROR).

For video hosting, I'm trying both Wistia and Amazon S3.  Can anyone help me out? 

I'm assuming it is an issue with our JSON file.  I can attach the JSON file if that will help anyone.
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Re: WP Smart TV Help

Hi DigitalMarketer,

I apologize for not providing an answer, but I wanted to ask a question.  When you pull up the JSON URL which should be something like "" and you click on one of the thumbnail links do you get taken to the image, or do you get an error page?
For some reason when I mouse over the link to the url it displays "" however when click the link it comes up in the URL bar as "" which is where I get an error. 
I'm not sure if this is related to something on my WP set up, my server set up or something else.  I cannot find where that extra domain name is coming up in the coding of the plugin to generate that URL.  It's kind of weird and I have finally wound up just writing the code myself, using the exact same URL's and it does work that way.  The JSON seems to be right, but I am wondering if there is something that is part of WordPress that changes some of the links.
I don't save the videos inside the WP install so my link is structured a bit differently, they are on the same domain, just not in the root of the WordPress install. ( )
I know that the developer of the WP-Smart-TV plugin is always in the forum and has been very helpful in the past, maybe he will see this post, so I cannot remember his name.
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Re: WP Smart TV Help

Thanks for jumping in and trying to help me out! 

So forgive me as I'm new to this, but when you say "click on the thumbnail link", where are you clicking from?  Is that from the JSON file itself or somewhere else?

When I copy the thumbnail URL out of the JSON feed it does pull up the image correctly.
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