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Vimeo URLs No Longer Play / 302 Redirect?

We have a few JSON feeds set up for free channels backed by Vimeo and those video URLs no longer play in the Direct Publisher app OR a custom built SceneGraph app. After some investigation we found that the URLs perform a 302 Redirect to the actual location and we are unsure how to verify this claim.

The Vimeo URLs play fine in every browser and every other platform like iOS and Android. Roku is the only one having issues. We get errors from the RDP feed page saying "Unable to download from feedUrl."

Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Level 12

Re: Vimeo URLs No Longer Play / 302 Redirect?

Are you using Vimeo Pro?   A regular vimeo URL liike You will need to upgrade to Pro and click Settings > Video File then grab the hard url, something like ... ile_id=243.

That could explain the redirect error, because the short url likely redirects to the hard url on the backend.
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