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Reel Rookie

Re: Videos Won't Play

Good afternoon.


This is my first time building my channel. I utilized all the following that was mentioned here on the community thread. The hosting site is Amazon Web Services, but the feed is through Instant TV Chanel where videos are also stored. I am confused, because after I converted the videos into MOV and updated my Roku device and rebooted it; the new feed link is not accepting my revisions. The same videos are showing on the channel, but will not play. Do you have time to send feedback to me? Thanks. 

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Roku Guru

Re: Videos Won't Play


Instant TV Channel does not store your videos. It sounds like you're using AWS to host (store) your videos, although there are several other less expensive hosting solutions that you may want to consider. If you would contact me at I'm sure we can resolve your technical issues.

You may also want to consider using the SDK publishing method instead of the Direct Publisher publishing method. SDK offers a larger selection of on-screen options and monetization options. When using Instant TV Channel the SDK publishing method is just as easy as using Direct Publisher, and most changes made to a public channel will appear instantly instead of having to wait for Roku to update your Direct Publisher feed. The Direct Publisher update delay may be preventing you from immediately seeing the changes that you have made.

Scott - 717-441-4386 - Build a Roku SDK channel in 15 minutes! - Easy Direct Publisher to SDK upgrades!
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