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Thumbnails not loading

So my channel, HBCU Gameday, has been acting strange the last couple of days. The thumbnails won't load when Roku parses the JSON feed. The weird thing is that it will load on one occasion, and then won't load on the next occasion. For example it will load at 1pm and won't load at 6pm, even though I haven't changed the JSON file. When the thumbnails don't load, the videos won't load into my channel. Anyone else experiencing this?
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Level 7

Re: Thumbnails not loading

I'm having the same issue. It seems to load perfectly during the day. But same items fail to load in the evening. 
 "[size=85] [/size][size=85]items have error: [/size][size=85]Thumbnail could not be downloaded." [/size]
Maybe its a AWS issue. Where are you hosting your jpegs?
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Re: Thumbnails not loading

roku support answer


The thumbnail bug for Direct Publisher has been fixed. Please retest your channel and follow-up with Partner Success if you still experience any issues. 

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