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Setting up monetization

Being very new to Roku Direct Publisher channels and monetization, I'm seeking assistance about the steps, and processes needed to acquire and actually get ads for your Direct Publisher channel.

My understanding is there are video ad networks and you should be able to sign up, get an ad tag and paste that into the ad server URL spot when signing up for monetization--but I'm having difficulty getting that far due to lack of knowledge.  Searching all over the internet is not helping much as most websites are corp speak based and difficult for a newbie to follow.

Anyone experienced in the process that could help to educate me as to exactly what I need to do here?

Getting confused by ad providers, ad networks, ad exchanges, ad servers, and just not certain the best way to go about things.

Do most launch your channel without monetization to get views, or get it monetized right out of the gate?

What do I need to say/provide to a video ad network in order to get an ad tag from them?  Anything else to get it to work?

Any and all assistance appreciated.

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Re: Setting up monetization

Trying to learn it all, as much as I can.  Little behind the 8 ball at this point.


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