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SVOD/TVOD on Direct Publisher

Any idea when SVOD and TVOD will be available for Direct Publisher? Would be nice to monetize the content for a channel that doesn't want to serve ads.
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Re: SVOD/TVOD on Direct Publisher

Wow, I just noticed there is no "Pay-to-Install" with "Monthly Subscription" option under Monetization like the SDK.  That is terrible.  Thanks for pointing that out.  My channels are free so I just typically ignored that section.  I just assumed it was there.
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Re: SVOD/TVOD on Direct Publisher

It's coming, apparently. Just no date set. Since they seem to be pushing everyone in that direction, I would assume it will be available some time this year. We are currently looking at selling a private key at this point, and I think that Roku seems to be trying to figure out how to prevent that. I'm fine with it - they have to make money - but the feature should be coming sooner. It's been almost a year since they launched Direct Publisher - time to monetize it.

"Currently, Direct Publisher only supports ad monetization. SVOD and TVOD are not yet available."
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