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Rss adbreaks code

My rss code has 10 items. It is all m3u8, how can I add adbreaks code? Please share sample code.

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Re: Rss adbreaks code

In the MRSS setup you can't add code breaks.  When using MRSS Roku will play an ad every 7 minutes.  Adding code breaks can only be accomplished using a JSON feed.

Ad policy and frequency rules
Ads are not shown for the first 15 minutes of content after a user installs your channel
A pre-roll ad is shown for every 7 minutes of content. E.g.: if a video is 22 minutes long, three pre-roll ads will be shown.

Ad types
When using Direct Publisher, the only available ad position options are Pre-roll and Mid-roll; post-roll ads can not be served.
Only our JSON feed specifications support mid-roll ads. Use the "adBreaks" field to set break points for mid-roll ads in your content.
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