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Pre-roll Video Insertion for Direct Publishing Channels

I need to insert a pre-roll video into a direct publishing channel. This is not really an advertisement, but an intro video that will change often, which makes it impractical to do so in editing. Plus, this intro video will roll before a livestream is delivered to the viewer. For example, if I wanted to insert a 10 second clip that says "Viewer Discretion Advised" or "The Opinions Expressed Here..." that is what I'm interested in. After my little video plays, then the switch is made to the third party livestream. Again, I'm not interested in connecting to an ad server to do this. Is there a json code modification to do this perhaps?

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Re: Pre-roll Video Insertion for Direct Publishing Channels

Unfortunately, this is not possible using a feed-based (Direct Publisher) solution.  There are no constructs in the Roku DP Schema that allow for anything like this.

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