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Open source Direct Publisher app?


this app is a great first step to publish a channel, thank you for making it available!
But as soon as we want to customize/improve it, we need to re start from scratch using the SDK 😞
It would be really more efficient to actually get the source code and tweak it, don't you think? Besides, the community could propose improvements via PRs (like better long lists management, lazy loading of images, support for custom fonts/character sets, etc.).
Is it something you consider? Or maybe someone already did its own copy and released it on github (or similar)?

Thank you!
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Re: Open source Direct Publisher app?

Is this what you are looking for?

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Re: Open source Direct Publisher app?

Thank you, but no... I need the EXACT same thing, with all features, just to add support for foreign languages, like Arabic for example, that is lacking.
I finally decided to do it on my own, which is very sad, because I liked the idea of easing the publishing process and having ad supported channels.
Maybe Roku team will hear me?
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