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Roku Guru

Re: Json File "Series" sample feed

@newchannel wrote:
I'm glad you found a work around to get your channels going. I have 10 channels to change over with DP and some are subscription based. I was reading about a wordpress plug-in the other day that looked promising. My website isn't monetized right now. Maybe I'll get around to doing that once I get all of my channels converted. I hope you get everything working like you want. DP looks great as long as I can get my json to work. It's working except for the short description and I was going to add the credits object but I might just skip it to save time right now. The release date is taking my time stopped working and have no idea why. When it said 2015 it worked but changing it to a very old date like 1930..well the release date disappears back to the drawing board 🙂

Did you ever get your website monetized?
If so would you be will to help me out in that regards?
i've been running out of pocket since 1999 and it'd be nice to get some back...
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Roku Guru

Re: Json File "Series" sample feed

So sorry for the delay and not logging in to see your note. I have not monetized the website. Did you find a solution?
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