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JSON feed shows all item ingesting correctly - 24 hours later, all items have errors.

120 items ingested successfully

04/10/2018 11:28AM

No valid items were found in the feed

04/11/2018 08:27PM

110 items have error: Required video url is unreachable.
What I have done:

I have tested all the videos in the Roku Stream/RAF tester tool, and they all work perfectly. ... index.html

is the tool I am using. So why would this happen in 24 hours after no changes were made to the videos?

Note: I have had a working Roku channel for years using very old code, then converted it to the new layouts using Direct Publisher. The channel worked with an rss file, but was clumsy to maintain. (tons of manual handcoding) so then I switched to a JSON file, which was ingesting correctly until 2 days ago.
Even though all the files were ingesting correctly, the channel itself only displayed about 30 of the videos.
The 30 videos that are currently displayed and play in my channel show as "unreachable" in the Dashboard as indicated.
Using ... ith-wpstv/ Rovidx Smart TV as a CMS for all these videos.

I asked Roku Customer Support for help, and they told me to come to the forum for help.

Any suggestions?
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Re: JSON feed shows all item ingesting correctly - 24 hours later, all items have errors.

Can you share your feed file? I have software that can validate a Json or MRSS feed file.
Windows desktop software for creating and managing MRSS, JSON, and FireTV feeds @ No Programming, JSON or MRSS knowledge required.
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