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Reel Rookie

Is there a way to specify a header to use when accessing a livestream url?

I am having some trouble using Direct Publisher due to the fact that I can't tell it to apply headers before accessing the livestream url. I require a Referrer header to access the url but I don't see any way to do this in the json feed for Direct Publisher, I would like to use Direct Publisher as I can't do UI design but without a way to specify headers to add to the request before it's sent out is stopping me (A way to resolve this would be to add a tag for live feed or video objects to add an array of strings or a single string to add http headers), I've tried some messy solutions like making a php file to proxy the request and add the header but this is very messy and I would prefer to give the channel a clean path and this "solution" has caused some issues, so I think adding a way to add headers in the feed json would be a great addition to the spec, or give the source of the DirectPublisher channel so we can just modify the brightscript to add a header to the video object.

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