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If You Need an MRSS Feed

Hi- I am a long time ROKU Public Channel live streamer.  One of my biggest problem has been the MRSS feed.  I've rotated around different companies that hosted it.  From what I have read on here over the years A LOT of other small business streamers that do not have a big budget have struggled with this same issue.  This is not a spam post but we now have a complete MRSS code that we have been using on our direct publisher for the last few months.  If you need one - especially if its for a live channel message me and I can help you out.  We have a webserver we can host in on and everything.  I hope this helps a lot of us that have struggled with this issue with direct publishing.
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Re: If You Need an MRSS Feed

MRSS feeds are meant for short form videos.  Do you mean JSON feed files?

FREE Windows desktop software for creating BIF (Trick Play), Direct Publisher (MRSS, JSON), and FireTV feeds @ GitHub/rrirower. No programming knowledge required.