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How to lift the 500kb limit

I noticed a lot of users asking about the 500kb limit.

It is easy to edit.

Go into Components - Content - then open the RootHandler.brs

in the first lines, you will notice something like "  MAXSIZE = 500 * 1024 "   

modify the line according to your needs

save - Done 🙂

Roku Guru

Re: How to lift the 500kb limit

The Root Handler file is found in the components/content folder!

Line# 8 MAXSIZE = 500 * 1024

Can be edited but be careful not to save as a text file!

Use an editor like notepad++ 

open doc in notepad++ and save not save as!

@ RCDev

Have you been succesful w Static Analysis testing on Roku with this template? I have gotten many emails and messages about Static Analysis test failes and errors!

If so please share how you have done so or any edits that you made as it is an issue being reported by many!

You may really help many w this issue if you share these results and what was done!

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