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How do I PM one of the Developers for help?!

I've been trying to email or call or chat with someone from customer support and have not be able to do so. The closets I've come is to searching through the "community" archive "help forums" and saw that people are suggesting to "PM" or " private message" some Danny developer and some other Tanny or something. Yet when I click on their accounts there is no where to message them or contact them. So if I could PLEASE get a DIRECT link to email SOMEONE who could HELP that would be amazing. Thanks

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Roku Guru

Re: How do I PM one of the Developers for help?!

Make sure you are logged in to the forums first, before checking for the PM button. It seems the Roku forums doesn't 'Remember Me'. If you're logged in, you should see a persons PM button. Never checked their accoun, myb RokuDan/Tanner have it set to off.

Depending on the actual issue, you may be better off emailing Partner Success anyway. I think those guys are mostly customer & user support. 

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Reel Rookie

Re: How do I PM one of the Developers for help?!

I just had to figure this out as well. You must be logged in and then when you go to the user's profile, there is a button in the Contact Me box.Roku Community 2020-07-14.png

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