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Level 7

Hero layout doesn't work

Hello all.  I'm using my Vimeo Pro account to feed content to my Roku Direct Publisher channel.  I've selected the "Hero" layout, refreshed my content, saved and updated the channel, then did the system update on the Roku device.  Still no hero layout.  I did more restarts, refreshes, updates, tantrums, and still no hero layout.  Is the hero layout real?

Here's my channel:

Also, I can't filter content into distinct categories - but that is another post.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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Level 10

Re: Hero layout doesn't work

I've been using the Hero layout for two separate channels.  I haven't had a problem with it.  What exactly is your problem?  What do you see instead?

I can't filter content into distinct categories

Please post your question if you still need help.
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