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Roku Guru

BIF files should be there a way to validate BIF files?


A new video on my channel does not have BIF files appearing.

JSON feed is validated by Roku.

Visual inspection of the JSON feed does show the BIF files.

The 2 BIF files are correctly assigned as FHD and HD in the feed.

Trick Play is enabled.

Copying and pasting the BIF file links into a browser causes them to be downloaded (so no permissions issues).

I'm using the same BIF generation tool I've always used (Burning Bush Software) and on the same S3 bucket as I've always used.

Older videos on the same Roku channel play with BIF files.

Thus, I have to assume perhaps the BIF files are...bad?

Any input would be great.


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Roku Guru

Re: BIF files should be there a way to validate BIF files?

Historically the names haven't had to match exactly (especially when you 2 different BIF files - they *can't* have the same name!). Normally I apply an "_HD" and "_SD" to the file name to differentiate between the two. 

I've verified this on other videos this naming nomenclature, and it works.

Thanks though!

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