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Gray Check Marks - Cannot Republish

Hey guys,


I am trying to republish a Direct Publisher channel with a new feed URL. But many of these check marks are grey, and going in to update/change information does not change them to purple. The Roku channel actually updates correctly using the old feed URL, even though the Feed Status checkmark is grey. (The new URL also works correctly, per the feed status preview page.)

I cannot click the "I certify that" checkbox at the bottom, meaning I cannot schedule publishing in order for the new feed URL to take effect. I'm assuming that's because a number of the check marks are greyed out. Oh, and there is no "Update" button, despite what you read in this screenshot. It only says "Schedule Publishing," even though the channel is already published.

These check marks have been grey for months, with zero issues to channel functionality. 

Again, I've checked the information in each section that has a check mark. Everything appears to be good. But I just found out I cannot edit certain information in some of the sections. The checkboxes and text fields in some are grayed out.

I am the owner/creator of this account and am not aware that anyone else in our organization has an account with admin access to the channel (if that's even possible).





Thank you.


Re: Gray Check Marks - Cannot Republish


sounds strange at some level.

first i would access every setting and make sure that everything is according to Roku requirements.

secondly  , after any change you might do  in your channel settings  , you need to re-publish the channel  - submit the channel for re certification. 

nr 3 🙂 you can ad users to have different type of access to your account and / or channel / channels. 


all in one , if after you are sure  that all your settings are made properly , and you still can't re schedule the channel for publishing  - contact Roku dev support and ask them to take a look. 



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Re: Gray Check Marks - Cannot Republish

Have you tried:

  1. Clearing your browser cache?
  2. Using a different browser?

This may be a browser problem.

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Re: Gray Check Marks - Cannot Republish

I have the same problem.  All the information in every settings screen is complete.  I tried on both Chrome and Firefox (which I had never used with Roku Developer before, so there's NO WAY this is a caching issue.)

Currently there is no way for me to check that box and therefore I cannot schedule an update for release.

Inspecting the HTML, I see it says 

<input id="LegalConsent" type="checkbox" name="LegalConsent" tabindex="0" readonly="" role="checkbox" aria-required="true" aria-checked="false">

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Re: Gray Check Marks - Cannot Republish

What happens when you click the blue text?  (for instance, Properties). I believe you need to make a change in it's attributes for it to have the checkmark. It essentially notifies you that field has been updated, the others remain grey.

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Re: Gray Check Marks - Cannot Republish


Were you able to resolve this? I'm having the same issue.


Update: On the Properties page I changed the Classification field to App/Utility and this seems to have allowed me to Schedule Publishing.

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Re: Gray Check Marks - Cannot Republish

Yeah, I think being greyed out just means nothing has been changed so there's nothing to update. You could still click on a field, Properties, for instance, and make changes to it. Then once something changes it allows for you to check the blue check mark.

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Re: Gray Check Marks - Cannot Republish

Hi @TWiT 

Readonly is not the issue, I have it and I am able to check the checkbox (see screenshot below).

Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 9.36.44 AM.png
Also, only updated sections should have the purple check the rest should be grayed out.

If you still cannot check the checkbox "I certify that ..." the, contact Roku support.



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