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Roku Guru

Getting error..makes no sense...ugh

I use a link to my json on aws server for testing before I make any changes to the main json so I can make sure everything is working before adding it to the chanel in dp.

The json is validated and I've done this the same way each time when I update the channel except today its not working.

On aws for some reason I have to always change the metadata to application/json for content-type. Not sure why I can't set it and forget it when I have to paste the url to the DP feed url block. So today I went to aws and made the change again and then pasted in the url to the test json feed. I click the save so I can test the new feed.,
well I get this and don;t know how to fix it?? Any help?   The server returned a non-200 status code - (403).
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Roku Guru

Re: Getting error..makes no sense...ugh

Disregard, found the problem. 

If it helps anyone else, I am using a different computer where I loaded cloudberry. I had to reset all of the ACL settings. Didn't realize I had to set the acl on the 2nd computer since I was signed in and thought all settings would be the same.
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