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Get channel started Quick & Easy with live Examples below

Tue Jan 10, 2017 5:24 am
Hi everyone. 

So do you want the easy way or complex method?

1)Create account on
2)Create a playlist, this will be the RSS feed
3)Create content, provide host or upload video. Attach image, Tag the content

A Dynamic playlist will only hold 99 entries
A Manual list is a bit crazy you have to remember the order to manage.

4)Set Publish and End dates so content will start and expire.

Quit over analyzing this, it's not that hard honest.
I've made three channels with this.

THE Hard way. Ask me for the .zip file by email and you can do the old way that took me months what this has trimmed up in minutes.
Before this method, I was attached to a Beta version of SceneGraph that is not listed anymore, but I have a working .zip and channel on Roku that has no limitations, but I warn you the XML will make your head spin and very time consuming. Found at and

Ps. Remember I told you to create Tags! In your playlist add the tags the dynamic list should pull.

NOW COPY THE rss and input into direct publisher. create your categories and start typing your tag to separate content.

Now go play! 

My new channels created in Direct Publisher. awaiting publishing as "uptoten2"

Uptoten Francias awaiting publishing as "uptotenfrench"
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Re: Get channel started Quick & Easy with live Examples below

Video Order using this system is so buggy. When I look at the "feed", everything is in order i.e. part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4...thru part 10
I sort in the curated section several different ways trying to get the sort to play along....upload part 10 first thru part one last and on order.
RESULTS? will be 1,7,8,4,2,3 and never is in order. Feed is perfect and in order, but the Roku Developer Category section seems to mess it up no matter which sort option I choose weather Chrono or most recent. =(

Any idea how to fix the sorting. Here is the feed from JWPlayer

Which is another issue. The feed only works on Roku when formatted like above. The feed given by JWPlayer does not work as given so you have to edit the address a bit. ... ormat=mrss
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Re: Get channel started Quick & Easy with live Examples below

Honestly this part is tricky. In your rss feed for categories assuming you created a tag for each video this is the sorting mechanism of your feed. In Jw player every video must be tagged. Test this by searching videos by tag.
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Re: Get channel started Quick & Easy with live Examples below

Add 10.2. WBIR knoxville tn

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