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Channels suddenly removed from Roku store and my developer dashboard

I've been developing Roku channels for the past 2 years.

A few days ago I noticed that no new users are installing any of my channels. After further investigation I've noticed that my channels no longer appear in the Roku web store nor the Roku catalog on the device itself. 
In my developer dashboard I've noticed that all my channels became private instead of public.

The day after that, it got worst - when Roku decided to completely delete my channels from the store and my dashboard. Affecting both me and my users.

My account is still active but at this point I'm lost. I have no idea what happened and how to fix it.

At first I thought that it has something to do with the new cert criteria but a small percent of my channels still exists and they have the same configurations.

I've tried contacting Roku partner success but they have yet to respond to my inquiries.

I'm hoping to find some insights here, or that someone from Roku would notice my cry for help.

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Roku Guru

Re: Channels suddenly removed from Roku store and my developer dashboard

Strange. Only things that come to mind are is your video host still active?  Could your credit card have expired and maybe your Vimeo/AWS account shut down, therefore no videos ever play in Roku and they shut it down for QA?

Otherwise there was a change on April 1 of this year for channels running ads, needed to create and include an file or something. That or the blackout last Thanksgiving timeframe, maybe search your email for Roku from around then for what was being impacted and changed. If you need help with the ads.txt let me know, although you would need the channel re-setup at that point.

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