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Channel Developer Software Updates

Some of you have taken advantage of the free channel development software I have posted on GitHub.  Thank you for that.

Recently, I've been receiving crash reports for "old" versions of the software.  If you are using the software I posted, please consider following the associated GitHub repositories so that you can receive notification of version updates.

Secondly, if the software encounters a condition from which it cannot recover, it will display a crash report form.  Please consider supplying the requested information on the form to help determine the cause of the crash.  If you do not, I cannot promise a quick resolution to your problem.

FREE Windows desktop software for converting Direct Publisher channels to SceneGraph (SDK), for creating BIF (Trick Play) files, Roku (MRSS, JSON) feed files, and FireTV feed files @ GitHub/rrirower.
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Re: Channel Developer Software Updates

hello, i'm new to this and I used eclipse with brightscript to help build an app which I am still confused about and I also tried direct publishing via InstantTV Channel but was having a hard time with my feed.

Also with the brightscript I used a package to upload to my roku, and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to add my video by mrss feed and if possible live stream in the future. 

I have two rows, one is listed as episodes and the other is listed as music videos, I'm not sure how to get the videos in the right row/category or to even add more rows. With the scenegraph I copied and pasted but I don't think thats the right way because all the videos/rows/category where duplicated as well in the sample mrss feed I tried. not sure if this make sense.

I came across your profile while looking for help for mrss feed and I downloaded your software, which seems to help out but still need help understanding it. 

I'm not sure how to generate a guid can you help with this? also it stated my video couldn't find a default media player, even tho it's a direct link, the video plays as I'm hosting it on my website. 

Can you please help me figure this out kindly. thank you. 

Also is there a difference between MRSS Feed and Json File? or are the one in the same? 

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Roku Guru

Re: Channel Developer Software Updates

While the software is free, I do not provide support on this forum, or, by email.  You'll need to go to the GitHub site where you downloaded the software and open an "issue".  Please be very specific when creating issues and asking questions.

FREE Windows desktop software for converting Direct Publisher channels to SceneGraph (SDK), for creating BIF (Trick Play) files, Roku (MRSS, JSON) feed files, and FireTV feed files @ GitHub/rrirower.
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Re: Channel Developer Software Updates

Baradanikto, you have no idea how much you made my life easier.. I was using Jwplayer to host the .RSS and .JSON but due to significant changes in the business model new channels feeds are auto blocked unless you are paid subscriber. This is a great alternative.

Now the other problem was Wordpress blocked by .json from being pulled as a program it was registered as a .txt of XML which royally confuses the ingestion process. I am in the process of testing a new CMS which i will report my finding later from Concrete 5. Meantime here is an easy solution.

If you are not registered with Github, you should.

Follow the instructions to create a new repository and then goto to follow and build a starter homepage this just creates a basic index.html that says I joined GitHub Pages.

Next, you will upload your .json that you created from "Json Feed Manager For Direct Publisher", to obtain the file directly goto your Document folder and open the folder that says "Json Feed Manager" here you will find a file named (feed.json) you must upload this into the respository you created for your Github Page..  Now assuming you did as instructed it will look something like this.  this my Github for Pages

this is the outcome.

In my experience, this has been flawless and super fast.

Good luck in your adventure, I'm still trying to summarize the process of my experience for those on a budget as well. 

Ps. I'm thinking as a thank you I will add you as an "Unknown Ad" it will direct the user to your github page and show them a mini video how to use the product. Thank you, soo much for making life a little easier!


on a side note, my channel like everyone else is awaiting approval after the holidays.

BUT, again, I have a bypass that have released to my viewers and now i will remind you as well.

If and when you succeed in uploading your feed to Roku, choose section "Layout" pick from one of the two and and hit save.  this will give you a temporary channel code. JOT IT DOWN or copy and paste somewhere.

For you or anyone else to access your channel perform this task. now here you will paste that code you were given and click on I'm not a robot. This will auto add the channel to your ROKU which is a live feed vs. waiting. Two things, one if you are using the Roku Ad Network, it will not display YET until you are approved. Second, you will have to be in contact with your viewers to let them know to switch over to the official channel later. Again, this is my Christmas bypass for you.

Scrambled Bliss is using the temp channel code "QGJTGT"

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