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Reel Rookie

CDN switching using CdnConfig attribute

I am unable to get the 'CDN switching' feature working. The developer page describes the feature and cdnconfig attribute and I am using the mandatory parameters Priority and Weight described in the example on the same page. I assigned priority 1 and 2 to the two content URLs, with an equal weight of 50 to each of them. However, in my testing, I can’t get the Roku device to automatically switch CDN (or IP address) when I block the ongoing download IP address.

Once one of the two sources was selected, the Roku device stuck to that one until rebooted. When the playback from selected source was blocked, the Roku device didn't attempt to move over to the other source. The playback was just frozen.

Has anyone got this feature working? I can't find any sample code showing how to use it. Any help on how to get this feature working is highly appreciated. Thanks!

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