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Level 8

Re: using external fonts (.ttf)

The only thing I can suggest is creating a separate
File for the bold and for the regular.
Name them according to their font name if
You want. Eg britannicbld.ttf. Britannicreg.ttf
The font names in each file should be named
Accordingly I use a hyphen britannica-bold

Then you create a registry for each file
And get your font from the bold or regular
Registry. Actually the real key here may be
Creating separate files an separate

This is pretty much how I get it. But I use the
RoScreen. So I use getFont. Works for me
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Level 8

Re: using external fonts (.ttf)

Stupid question BUT you have ( Text: "", ) doesn't it need some text ?
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Level 7

Re: using external fonts (.ttf)

I inherited this Roku project, I'm a junior level developer, so i'm working with what i've got.
The text:"", goes with the field name m.ItemSKU, which is populated on down in the Roku Script from a JSON call. I imagine i could probably delete the line, but i figured whoever developed this before maybe left it in there to put in test data...maybe....
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