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Level 8

trying to use callfunc in a useful way

I have the typical 1 screen, 1 scene setup. i.e. 1 screen owns many group ("scene") children.

Like this
SCREEN (main.brs)
  MAINSCENE (mainscene.xml/mainscene.brs)

Now, I expose interface functions on MAINSCENE "test". I would very much like to be able to callfunc on them.

It tired doing this in mainscene.brs{utils:m});
then in CHILD1"test","hello world")

but this doesn't work... 

does anyone have a solution to this? From my reading, and seeing some other posts, I expected this to work.
George Cook
Roku developers slack group ( : georgejecook

Contact me on roku developer slack group, or via pm to discuss consultancy/work opportunities/rooibos unit testing framework
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Level 8

Re: trying to use callfunc in a useful way

You can access functions in your main scene via"test","hello!") should work.
Tyler Smith
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