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Level 7

Re: tr() for a paragraph not working

"kc8pql" wrote:
On the other hand, the cost of the SDK and Roku's charges for publishing a public channel should possibly be kept in mind...

Not really, considering opensource has better documentation and SDKs than this. Documentation and SDK benefits them more than it does us. (opens doors for more developers to make their network grow) Not to mention their success also depends on third-party developers.

Roku should want to maintain their SDK and documentation as it would really benefit them and the consumer. There is no excuse for this asides from poor management decisions IMHO.
Either way, at least they setup a forum to wishfully compensate for their lack of organization and documentation
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Level 11

Re: tr() for a paragraph not working

Hallelujah - tr() function just got documented!
(it took under 4 years :twisted: )
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