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Roku Guru

ifToStr = ?

There is apparently ifToStr interface - shouldn't this be documented?

I was using toStr() for int but now need it for float - checked in docs, nothing. Then i tried and what do you know, it worked. Some research says

BrightScript Debugger> ? findMemberFunction(1.0, "toStr")
<Interface: ifToStr>

BrightScript Debugger> ? findMemberFunction(1d, "toStr")
<Interface: ifToStr>

So it's there for floats/double at least. Should put a good word.
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Roku Guru

Re: ifToStr = ?

Is that new? I thought I remember having a problem in the past where I forgot a value would be a float instead of an integer, and I got crashes with toStr() (but I could be remember wrong)
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