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spawning thread aborted... timeout waiting for render thread


A task that we need to run is not created when I run the app on Roku2. I have tried to add a sleep() in various points in the code before/after the task should be created, but it doesn't seem to help.

There are 5 such 'HttpRequestTask' Tasks on the screen, and only the first one ever fails to be created. The remaining 4 work fine.

Warnings occurred while spawning thread for Task component HttpRequestTask
spawning thread aborted because: channel exit or timeout waiting for render thread

We have a very rich UI which creates may components on the screen. This problem doesn't happen on Roku 3 or Roku 4 devices.
The roku 2 device I am using right now is: model# 3050X

Does anyone have a recommendation of how to handle this issue?
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Re: spawning thread aborted... timeout waiting for render th

I seem to recall some discussion on this in the SDK docs.

Look at "Task Node Thread Rendezvous Timeout". Perhaps you're passing complex objects into the task node interface?
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