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Disable Roku app inactivity timeout?

I'm working on an app/service for Roku which allows the user to push content to the device while the app is open & running. The problem i'm running into is that there seems to be a number of different timeouts, all of which I have manually disabled (Both the power saver timeout, and the network bandwidth saver timeout), but there still seems to be more - some kind of app inactivity timeout. Is there any way to remove or postpone this timeout?

I've tried doing local ECP commands every few minutes which was the recommendation 10 years ago in an old forum post - but those seem to now be blocked from apps as it now returns a 403 error plus gives errors during static analysis. 

Testing this is an incredible chore since the timeout seems to be somewhere over an hour mark and I don't know of any way to fast forward to this point. Is there any way to indicate to the system that the user still wants their content displayed on the screen?

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Re: Disable Roku app inactivity timeout?

Is the screensaver kicking in?

Possibly, you will need to run a small video in a loop to keep the app awake.  That is necessary since ECP commands are no longer allowed.

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Re: Disable Roku app inactivity timeout?

Yes, there's an inactivity timeout that can't be changed:

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