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Roku Guru

skipFocusAnimations acting funny with RowList

skipFocusAnimations is part of ArrayGrid.

From the docs @

Specifies whether changes in the focus item should be animated. If this field is set to true, any scrolling or repositioning/scaling of the focus indicator occurs without an animation. This causes fields reflecting the focus status (itemFocused, currFocusRow, currFocusColumn) to be updated instantly and not transition smoothly between old and new values. For example, currFocusRow will go directly from 3.0 to 4.0 instead of taking on values between 3.0 and 4.0.


Basically the docs suggest that all animations can be skipped on the RowList since it extends from ArrayGrid using skipFocusAnimations. But in use this proves incorrect. On the MarkupGrid it works as expected. But on RowList it is only updating the itemFocused instantly. It still animates the movement from item to item with rowItemFocused. This was added in 11.5, but perhaps not fully? Can the RowList be fixed to fully respect the skipFocusAnimations?


@RokuBen  Why doesn't rowItemFocused respect the skipFocusAnimations? Just the itemFocused of changing rows does. But not the item to item movement within those rows? It seems like it just wasn't finished. Can this get fixed? I want to skip the animations of item movement on the rowList. Thank you.

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