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Level 9

screen.getGlobalNode() fails - Member function not found...

Roku 4, 7.0 firmware.

If I copy the code example here:

I get the failure below in the console. If I customize my code to use the getGlobalNode() I also get the same failure, what am I missing? Is this not available in my firmware version?

Current Function:
003: sub showLandingA()
004: print "in showChannelSGScreen"
005: screen = CreateObject("roSGScreen")
006: m.port = CreateObject("roMessagePort")
007: screen.setMessagePort(m.port)
008:* = screen.getGlobalNode()
009: = "GlobalNode"
010: {red: &hff0000ff, green: &h00ff00ff, blue: &h0000ffff} )
011: scene = screen.CreateScene("TrivialScene")
Member function not found in BrightScript Component or interface. (runtime error &hf4) in pkg:/source/landing.brs(8)
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Level 10

Re: screen.getGlobalNode() fails - Member function not found

getGlobalNode() is new to 7.1.
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Level 11

Re: screen.getGlobalNode() fails - Member function not found

Can somebody @RokuCo ask Mr.Reid to please kindly note for new functions, in which firmware# it was added? Just like RokuKC does, so can he.
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