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Level 7

HLS streaming sometimes not working

I am running a video using HLS protocol in roVideoScreen. The problem is that sometimes the HLS streaming does not work. The URL is HTTP. What I am unable to understand is why this only happens sometimes. I get the following error:

showVideoScreen | msg = ConnectionContext failure | index =  0
status message: ConnectionContext failure
showVideoScreen | msg = Unspecified or invalid track path/url. | index = 0
status message: Unspecified or invalid track path/url.
showVideoScreen | msg = | index = -5
isRequestFailed error text: ; error ID: -5; info: <Component: roAssociativeArray> =
MediaFormat: <Component: roAssociativeArray>

How do I solve this?
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Level 7

Re: HLS streaming sometimes not working

status message: ConnectionContext failure

I believe this message denotes when an HTTP error code was returned.
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Level 8

Re: HLS streaming sometimes not working

I found these lines help me debug all my hls streams:

Added to video screen object:

    syslog = CreateObject("roSystemLog")

while true
msg = wait(0, screen.GetMessagePort())
if type(msg) = "roSystemLogEvent"
print type(msg)
print msg.GetInfo()
print msg.GetData()
print msg.GetMessage()
end if
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