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Level 7

roVideoScreen and SetDestinationRect


I have a content in 4:3 (720х480). When displayed on HDTV with 720p there are black areas on left and right side of the picture.

Is there a way to stretch picture to wide screen? Seems that SetDestinationRect can only zoom. Which params should i pass to SetDestinationRect to stretch 720x480 to 1280x720 without black areas around picture?

The most preferable way to let HD TV set the right video mode: zoom, stretch or crop.

SY, Chooh
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Re: roVideoScreen and SetDestinationRect

Unfortunately, there is no stretch option at the moment, only zoom as you've discovered.
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Level 7

Re: roVideoScreen and SetDestinationRect

I have tried the following code and it works perfectly.

If item.width <> Invalid and item.height <> Invalid Then
print "Setting video stretch"
displaySize = CreateObject("roDeviceInfo").GetDisplaySize()
rect = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
rect.w = displaySize.w
rect.h = Int(displaySize.w * item.height / item.width)
rect.x = 0
rect.y = Int((item.height - rect.h ) /2)
print " { x= ", rect.x, ", y= ", rect.y, ", w= ", rect.w, ", h= ", rect.h, " }"
If rect.h > displaySize.h Then
End If
End If

But it seems that this code is broken in 2.9 :evil: Any ideas?
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