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Message on roVideoScreen

I am creating a channel that starts by launching a video screen. When the user presses the 'back' button the channel navigates to a grid with all of the content listed. I would like to notify the user that in order to move to the home page of the channel that they need to press the 'back' button. 

I would like to briefly show a short text message over the video.  I have looked into using roMessageDialog but this takes over the whole screen :(. I would like the video to continue playing while the message is displayed. 

How would I go about doing this :?:? Is this something that would require me to build the channel in 'raw' Brightscript, not using the Roku components? 

What are the Roku requirements for this sort of navigation? What will Roku look for when reviewing my channel?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this :). Any information that you can provide will be greatly appreciated :P. 
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Re: Message on roVideoScreen

roVideoScreen is being deprecated so you should not be using that.
You should be looking at example channels for Scene Graph channels and modify/reconstruct them to suit your workflow.
As far as what you are looking to do, with Scene Graph you have 100% control as to how your app works so you can use Roku Components or Build your own interchangeably.

Here are a few components that should help:






Here is a link to the pre-certification checklist which is what Roku will be reviewing your channel against. ... Check+List
Tyler Smith
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