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roVideoScreen Stream URL from filesystem?

Roku 2 2500X
Firmware: 7.0 b9044

With the adaptive formats Roku has started to support, bundling "static" manifests (for HLS/DASH) can make sense, in different scenarios, but when I try to load (in this instance) a DASH .mpd file from my package/tmp filesystem, the roVideoScreen gives a playback error -5.

If I host the same mpd on Dropbox, and load the file via https:// rather than file://, it works just fine.

I've tried the different permutations, all of which have failed:


Once again, I've tested the exact same file locally and from dropbox, and the dropbox way works just fine, so the file format is not the issue.
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Re: roVideoScreen Stream URL from filesystem?

Roku doesn't support locally hosted playlists. Forum user sjb64 had an interesting workaround for that by essentially running a web server from within his channel to host the playlist. You might search his posts or PM him to see if he could offer suggestions.
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Level 7

Re: roVideoScreen Stream URL from filesystem?

Thanks for the reply... it's too bad this isn't supported out of the box.

I guess I can look at writing a simple server.
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