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roVideoPlayerEvent not firing "end of stream" after 7.5 update

After updating my Roku 3 to Roku OS 7.5, my roVideoPlayerEvent stopped reporting "end of stream".  This has broken my app, any advice I can get would be much appreciated.
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: roVideoPlayerEvent not firing "end of stream" after 7.5 update

I assume your application is using a content list with more than 1 item?

Yes, firmware 7.5 no longer sends an "end of stream" status message for every item in the content list. The new firmware only sends an "end of stream" when the last item in the content list has finished playing. On top of this firmware 7.5 does not send any startup progress events when it switches from 1 item in the content list to the next. Now, these switches are seamless and do not require any pre-buffering.

Applications that want to keep track of content item switches can listen to isListItemSelected events. These events are sent when the player advances to the next item in the content list, and include the index of the new item that will be played. Alternatively, applications can read the clipidx that's provided with any isPlaybackPosition event. See the Roku SDK documentation for more information ... layerEvent.
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