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Level 8

roUrlTransfer error "Unable to rename to destination file"

Has anybody run into this? It seems to have popped up out of nowhere as far as I can tell. I'm seeing periodic instances of this in async transfers to file. Changing to sync transfers fixes it, but then obviously blocks, and that's no fun.

Just curious if it's been run into by anybody in the past!

-10002 : Unable to rename to destination file
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: roUrlTransfer error "Unable to rename to destination fil

Can you inspect the sequence of get calls, to see if possibly there are multiple overlapping gets to the same target filename?

Or if any of the gets are failing, and later on there is another get to the same target filename, in case there is an issue relating to that?

Another question would be what do the target filenames look like, i.e. is there anything unusual about them? special characters, length, ?
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Level 11

Re: roUrlTransfer error "Unable to rename to destination fil

Curious one. Seen also here
Since reported to work with sync calls, my guess would be race condition in async calls and not bad file name.
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