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roStreamSocket & SSL


I need some help. I'm developing an Roku channel that interacts with our service. Our service uses a SSL socket where commands are issued and responses given. It is not HTTP based.
I have it working when using roStreamSocket if SSL encryption is temporarily removed. Our product uses SSL (I just turned of for debugging purposes in a development environment) and I need to have roku support SSL of a TCP socket.
I do not see how to get roStreamSocket to do this. If I could then this would be a simple solution and my problem solved.

I'm looking into roUrlTransfer but the problem is that this is web-based. It seems to create a connection, get a response and close. The protocol we uses is a bit more interactive in that once the connection is made commands are issues. responses given, more commands, more responses.

1. Is there a way to get roStreamSocket to support SSL (or is their a SSL equivalent)?
2. Is there a way to get roUrlTansfer to not put web-commands and to allow a bit more interaction?

Thanks, hopefully a good answer will come soon. We made so much progress and hit this wall.

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Re: roStreamSocket & SSL

I know this is pretty old but I would very much like to know the answer to this question.

Is there a built in mechanism to include SSL encryption on top of roStreamSocket?
Is there an example that I'm missing that shows how to do this using SSL methods exposed by Roku SDK?

Is there something in the new 7.x SDK that allows for this capability?

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Re: roStreamSocket & SSL

I'm interested in the answer to this question too. I really need to use SSL encryption with roStreamSocket. Is it possible? It will ever be possible?
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