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Level 7

roSpringboardScreen Artist & Album

Hello Again,

I have been attempting to use the roSpringboardScreen with the ContentType set to "audio" . But for some reason the Artist and Album Content-Meta Data will not display.

Currently we have an roAudioPlayer streaming our feed in MP3 format, and we are using the roSpringboardScreen as the interface. Below is the code used to populate the Content Meta Information. That functions return value is then passed to screen.SetContent(). Everything seems to work fine except that the Album and Artist information will not display. I could be missing something but the diagram on this page shows these labels below the image .

Function updateNowPlaying() As Object
npInfo = GetNowPlayingInfo()
item = npInfo.Shift()

meta = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
meta.ContentType = "audio"
meta.HDPosterUrl = item.Lookup("albumimage")
meta.SDPosterUrl = item.Lookup("albumimage")
meta.Title = "Now Playing: " + item.Lookup("title")
meta.Description = item.Lookup("description")
meta.Album = item.Lookup("album")
meta.Artist = item.Lookup("artist")

return meta
End Function

Does anyone have any insight into what the problem could be, or any possible solutions? Thanks and happy holidays!

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Level 9

Re: roSpringboardScreen Artist & Album

At a cursory glance, your metadata looks fine. How are you creating your Springboard? If it's not there arleady, try adding the following to that code:
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Level 7

Re: roSpringboardScreen Artist & Album

Awesome that worked great.

Your cursory glance is better that my thorough glance! Thanks again for your help. Smiley Very Happy

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