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roPosterScreen Focus

A user noticed this:

Odd Menu *potential* bug
Okay I have used Chaneru on my Roku 2 XS for SEVERAL months without flaw. I have a webserver set up on a DNS-321 with a Roku folder that serves the videos. Everything worked perfectly until about a month or 2 ago. Before, after a video finished I could just arrow left to the next video and hit play. NOW, for the last month or 2, when a video finishes and it goes back to the menu, it is in the parent folder, so I have to click OK or arrow down, then click left and Play to go to the next episode. Any ideas why this might be happening?

The roPosterScreen displays a filter list (SetFocusedList) and then the user selects a list item (SetFocusedListItem), which is a movie.
After the movie plays and the video screen closes for some reason the list item lost focus and it's back to the filter list at the top.
This only occurs on Roku 2. My HD and XDS devices work as expected.
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Re: roPosterScreen Focus

There was a new SetFocusToFilterBanner(True/False) method added with firmware 3.x. While the behavior you describe does sound like a bug, you might be able to work around it by calling that method when you exit the video screen.
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