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Level 7

roGridScreen focus image for mixed-apect-ratio style


roGridScreen with mixed-apect-ratio style uses different border images for focused items. Is it possible to configure what images to be used for each row? GridScreenFocusBorderHD set the same image for all different aspect ratio rows and I couldn't find a way to update this "on the fly".
I've tried this code from below but didn't worked. Any thoughts?
if type(msg) = "roGridScreenEvent" then
app = CreateObject("roAppManager")
app.SetThemeAttribute("GridScreenFocusBorderHD", "pkg:/images/GridCenter_Border_HD.png")

Thank you.
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Level 9

Re: roGridScreen focus image for mixed-apect-ratio style

Once the screen is drawn, there's no way to update the theme without some ugly hacks, like creating and destroying an roMessageDialog before it's displayed. I've found, on the roSpringboardScreen at least, that creating an roImageCanvas, but never displaying it, will force the theme to update. I don't know if that will work on an roGridScreen or not.
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Level 7

Re: roGridScreen focus image for mixed-apect-ratio style

Thank you. I've tried this but didn't worked.
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