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roGridScreen - Scroll Vertical Only

I like the functionality of the roGridScreen but I want to have one title and all the images below (many rows) it but no horizontal scrolling. Is it possible to do this with the roGridScreen or do I need to roll my own ?

Like this :

Sci-Fi Movies

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 0
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Level 7

Re: roGridScreen - Scroll Vertical Only

The grid doesn't support it natively, but you could "fake it" by splitting the content and adding multiple 5 item rows to the grid. If that's not what you're wanting, then you'll need to roll your own (which is no small task).
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Level 7

Re: roGridScreen - Scroll Vertical Only

Can you show me how to "fake" this in a code snippet ? Here is what I came up with but obviously doesn't work

movieGrid = CreateObject("roGridScreen")
canvas.SetLayer(10,movieGrid) ' How do I specify the target rectangle
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Re: roGridScreen - Scroll Vertical Only

So are you saying you want the images to stay stationary and not move sideways? Meaning you want the selector to move around the screen instead.

If this is what you mean than it is impossible. By faking it I believe he was meaning doing something like PBS which just makes it so there are only 4 items per row on the grid screen. I did that at first but then I decided to put in the work to create my own screen using roScreen. But as stated, this is no small task.

My favorite UI in the roku channels I have seen is Hulu's. It does something like what you are asking I believe, it makes it very easy to browse through large amounts of content.
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