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roGridScreen Flicker

I'm developing an application that shows movies and tv shows from your computer on the TV, similar to many other apps out there but I'm really just learning to develop in the BrightScript language. It all works great and I'm having no problems with not knowing how to do something, the only problem I am encountering is when navigating a grid with many columns and rows, the columns would sometimes flick between one and another without pressing anything on the remote, the event would register with the box too:
Focused msg: row: 0 col: 2
Focused msg: row: 0 col: 0
Focused msg: row: 0 col: 6
Focused msg: row: 0 col: 5

Has anyone else encountered this in the past? I've tried searching but it's a rather vague issue. If anyone could help with a solution I'd be very grateful, not so much for this app as it's redundant really, but for future development I'd like to not make the same mistake, if this isn't a bug.

Many thanks, Jordan.
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