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roGridScreen slow scroll after returning from roVideoPlayer

In my channel(using the older SDK), on a Roku 3 with firmware 8.0.0 build 4143-0, I am suddenly seeing the following issue:

1. Channel loads fine with roGridScreen and it scrolls fine.
2. Selecting an item loads the video using roVideoplayer.
3. Pressing back button stops the video/cleans up the roVideoplayer and goes back to roGridScreen.
4. Now suddenly the scrolling animation is very slow in roGridScreen.
5. If I exit the channel and come back again, the scrolling works fine.

This issue was not seen before and I also don't see it on an old Roku-2XS that has firmware 8.0.0 build 4128. So, this must be some bug in the recent firmware. Anyone noticed this yet?
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Roku Guru

Re: roGridScreen slow scroll after returning from roVideoPlayer

Just tried this on a Roku 3 with the same firmware. Saw some weird jumpiness on the grid at first but recovered pretty quick.
Did you try other Roku models?
If you use a sample channel do you get the same issue?  Roku likes basic examples for tracking down these issues.  Although not sure if they're supporting SDK1 any more at this point.  Are you planning to update to SG soon?
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Re: roGridScreen slow scroll after returning from roVideoPlayer

Thanks, @joetesta. I will try other models soon. Yeah, eventually I will need to move to SG, but this is an existing channel on which I am suddenly seeing this behavior, so it could be some weird firmware issue.
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