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"Channel is designed in 1080p" Checklist item

I was looking over the latest version of the channel checklist, 2.0 and saw this:

7.2 Channel is designed in 1080p and properly functions when scaled to all available Roku supported displays: SD (when available), HD, FHD, etc.

Does this mean that a channel will get rejected if it doesn't have 'fhd' listed in ui_resolutions?

The two reasons for my asking: Scene Graph examples I am using are based on 720p resolution, and I'd like to have the least amount of graphics work. Seems that the best workflow would be to design in 720p and set "ui_resolutions=hd". This way we don't have to continually go back and forth with 1080p artwork to know that it looks ok on the Roku scaled down to 720p.
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