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Reel Rookie

How to set the row item font

Hello All, 


I am using SGDEX,  m.grid = CreateObject("roSGNode", "GridView")

I am able to get the theme and update the textColor, rowLabelColor, itemTextColorLine1, itemTextFontLine1,

** Question ** 

but I really want to change the font of the component for itemTextColorLine1. but not able to get a handle to that component. Can someone help me? 


**** sample code **** 

m.grid = CreateObject("roSGNode", "GridView")
style: "standard"
posterShape: "16x9"

showMetaData: false


m.grid.theme = {

textColor : "0xFF0000FF" ' red
' row label color is the category names like "partner content"
rowLabelColor : "0x00FF00FF" ' green
' this is the name of the show.. like "Met Gala 123"
itemTextColorLine1 : "0x0000FFFF"
itemTextFontLine1 : "font:SmallestBoldSystemFont"

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Reel Rookie

Re: How to set the row item font

Bring this back to the top to see if someone has any suggestions. 

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Roku Guru

Re: How to set the row item font

You do not need to BUMP your post to the top. All post-bumping does is piss everyone off. We know that you replied to your own post just to do this. It makes it look like you are more important than anything. Like OMG, Why didn't anyone reply. Lets just force this to the top to force them to see it again. It isn't something that puts you in a good light. Ie, try never to do it again. Thanks. 🙂

You cannot use a field to change the font you want.

It is hard-coded in this section. There is no field that will change this. But one could be written to do so. Or you could just hard-code your font change in that section above.

There is also this part. You could just force the font to update with a single line.

Between line 75 and 76 add this:
line1.font = "fontURLhere"

That will override whatever the font was set and force it to the font you want for that line1.

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